Nanhall Pet Spa 

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April 28th

Nanhall's 50th Anniversary Party!

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Proceeds to Benefit SPCA of the Triad
and Crooked Cat Café

SPCA of the Triad- Rabies Clinic 1 year $7.00

SPCA of the Triad Microchip Clinic 20.00

SPCA Pet Adoption

Crooked Tail Cat Cafe Cat Adoption

Be one of our Monthly Prize Winners

Though-out 2018

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CPR & First Aid Class

Class Dates & Times

Feb 17th (sat) 10am -2pm

March 17th (sat) 10am -2pm

May 12th (sat) 10am- 2pm

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You’ll learn emergency skills such as what to do if your pet has a seizure, shock, is injured in a car accident, or ingests poison. You’ll also be trained to administer CPR if your pet stops breathing

(yes, you can give a dog or cat mouth-to-mouth — really mouth-to-nose in this case —

and yes,we practice on dog dummies)

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