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Though-out 2018

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Thank you! You have entered Nanhall's 50th Anniversary Raffle! Come Join the Party April 28th!

Each Month on the 28th day  Nanhall Pet Spa will pull a Name for a winning Prize!!  You can enter every month!  

Jan 28 - Free Bath for Large Dog (40- 60 lbs)

Feb 28 - Free Weekend of boarding for 1 pet (Sat- Mon 12:00)

March 28 - Free CPR & First Aid Class

April 28 - Surprise Prize

May 28 - Hummingbird Feeder

June 28 - Free Pet Massage

July 28 - Free Bottle of Shampoo & Body Spray

Aug 28 - Free Day-Care for a week (Mon-Fri)

Sept 28 - Free Handmade Collar from Kristin & Co

Oct 28 - Free Grooming up to $55.00

Nov 28 - Free Windspinner

Dec 28 - Free Bath for Small to Medium Size Dog (15-40lbs)

Service Items must be used within a year of Winning.
Product Items Must be picked up with 3 months of winning.

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