April 28th, Sat Nanhall's 50th Anniversary Party

Pet Boarding Hours will be 8:00 am -10:00 am

After 10:00 am

Our Parking Lot will be Closed for the Safety of Children & Pets!

April 28th

Nanhall's 50th Anniversary Party!

Come Join The Party!



Free Goodie Bag to the First 100 Families

Proceeds to Benefit SPCA of the Triad

and Crooked Tail Cat Café

SPCA of the Triad- Rabies Clinic 1 year $7.00 / 3yr $10.00

SPCA of the Triad Microchip Clinic 20.00

SPCA Pet Adoption

Crooked Tail Cat Cafe Cat Adoption

Demos & Short Talks

Face Painting

Furtastic Designs Add Color & Flair to Your Pet


Raffle Drawings Through-Out The Day


Food & Wine

Lots of Fun! Bring Your Children & Pups!

Be one of our Monthly Prize Winners 

Though-out 2018

Sign Up Below!

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April 28th Nanhall's 50th Anniversary Party


11:30 Best 'Trick' Competition

Each pet parent to have their pet perform their very best trick and the public gest to decide which trick was the best/coolest/funniest etc.

12:00 Musical Chairs

In this pet version of this old favorite, all the pets are leashed and walk around with their pet parents while the music is playing.

When the music stops all the pets are told to 'sit'. The last one to get his butt to the ground is OUT!

12:30 Tennis Ball Bob

Tennis Balls are placed in a kid swimming pool- At the word “Start” – pets need to grab a Tennis Ball and bring the ball back to their owner! First one wins!

1:00 De-Shed your Pet (Cats Too!)

Each person can choose a grooming tool. Pets may sit, laydown, or stand and they must be on a lead or harness. One other person may hold the pet but cannot help de-shed! A timer is set for 30 seconds. The most hair off the pet in 30 seconds WINS!

Cats can be inside for this contest and the hair collected will be judged!

1:30 The Pet with the Most Colors! (Cats Too!)

Pets may come in bows, clothes or color. The most colors Wins.

2:00 Agility Run

This contest will be run as a team. Four (4) Cones will be set up and there will be two (2) lines. Pet and Owner must weave around the cones in one direction. At the end of the line owner will tag teammate and teammate will return and so on. Fastest Team to finish wins!

2:30 Slowest Pet to the Food Bowl

Yes we said it! 2 cones will be set up – at the end will be the food! A Hot Dog!!

The last pet to the Hot Dog Wins! The contest will be timed for 2min.

Contests will start at 11:30 and will run every 30 minutes.

Tickets for this event will be $1.00. You may enter as many contests as you would like.

You must go to the booth assigned for the contest to buy the tickets, which will be posted.

 All monies will be split between SPCA of the Triad and Crooked Tail Cat Café!

Furtastic Designs Add Color & Flair to Your Pet

Temporary Tattoos for Dogs and Cats

Feather Extensions

Fairy Hair Flare

Beyond bows and bandanas, adding a colorful flair to your pet can express their unique personality and style. There are a range of temporary designs including stenciling, feathering, chalking, and free-hand airbrushing.


Kids love showing off temporary tattoos and so will your dog! The stencils include simple designs from paw prints and a flower to a shamrock or star. What design best matches your dog’s personality or expresses a more playful side? We use blow pens and stencils for dogs, the design lasts for an appropriate amount of time on the fur and can be removed with water and shampoo. The products are non-toxic.

Feathers & Fairy Hair Flare

Feathers add a wild and colorful flair to celebrate any special occasion or simply to make a strong state

ment when your retriever or spaniel struts down the sidewalks in town.

Stencils will be $3.00. Feathers & Fairy Hair Flare will be $5.00
All monies will be split between SPCA of the Triad and Crooked Tail Cat Café!

Enter Nanhall's 50th Anniversary Prize

Thank you! You have entered Nanhall's 50th Anniversary Raffle! Come Join the Party April 28th!

Each Month on the 28th day  Nanhall Pet Spa will pull a Name for a winning Prize!!  You can enter every month!  

Jan 28 - Free Bath for Large Dog (40- 60 lbs)

Feb 28 - Free Weekend of boarding for 1 pet (Sat- Mon 12:00)

March 28 - Free CPR & First Aid Class

April 28 - Surprise Prize

May 28 - Hummingbird Feeder

June 28 - Free Pet Massage

July 28 - Free Bottle of Shampoo & Body Spray

Aug 28 - Free Day-Care for a week (Mon-Fri)

Sept 28 - Free Handmade Collar from Kristin & Co

Oct 28 - Free Grooming up to $55.00

Nov 28 - Free Windspinner

Dec 28 - Free Bath for Small to Medium Size Dog (15-40lbs)

Service Items must be used within a year of Winning.
Product Items Must be picked up with 3 months of winning.

SPCA of The Triad & Crooked Tail Cat Cafe  

Pet Adoption

Rabies Clinic 1 year $7.00

Rabies 3 year $10.00

Microchips $20.00

Crooked Tail Cat Cafe

Pet Adoption

Come Visit The Kitties!!

Come join Karen's talk about:

'Is Your Home Cat Ready?"

Demos and ​Short Talks

11:30 Is Your Home Cat Ready

by Crooked Tail Cat Cafe

12:00 Brushing Your Pet..

Cat’s Too -

by Hayley Keyes

12:30 Is Your Pet Pulling You

by Beth Alexander

1:00 Canine Massage Demo

by Virginia Smith

1:30 Dog Tracking Demo

by Tri-County Trackers

2:00 Parasites!?!...Yuck!!!

by Dr. Stacey Chappell

2:30 Starting Your Pup on House-training

by Beth Alexander

Vendors & Supporters

Tri-County Trackers

Mary Kay

Animal Medical Centre

The Dog Connection

JoCat's Top Hats

Moe & Co

Rock Barn Trading Co.

ArcBarks Dog Treat Company

Defy The Dog Photography

Positive Touch Reflexology

Vendors & Supporters

4 Hooves & Paws Pet Massage

Lost Ark Video Games

Marquetry Wood Pictures

Kristin and Co.

Girl Scouts Troop #40836

Bandito Bodega Food Truck

Henderson Dawg Hot Dogs

Rioja! A Wine Bar

Hand + Clay


Furtastic Designs

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