Student Agreement & Guidelines

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Student Agreement & Guidelines*
You Must go to the bottom of the page to continue the application- there is another button that will take you to the School Application. I certify that I have read & understand the Student Agreement & Guidelines and AKC Safety Certified Groomer Program & PPGSA Standards of Care, Safety and Sanitation and will comply with the requirements of the Nanhall School of Grooming. I understand that there is a 3% transaction charge on all Paypal & Charge Cards
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Student Agreement & Guidelines with Nanhall School of Grooming

You must read down to School Application at the bottom of the page.

The Student agrees to the following:

I will abide by the rules and regulations. I understand that the School, its owners, and staff will not be held liable for any injuries sustained by the students themselves, class members, dogs or visitors. This includes dog or cat injury bites. That the services provided by the School consist of a course of training and education and no employment is offered or guaranteed to the Student.

Student Entrance Requirements/ Tuition Refund Policy

• You must have a sincere love of animals.

• Students must be 18 years of age; otherwise parent or legal guardian must consent and register the student with their approval.

• Pet Grooming can be a physically demanding job. You will be required to lift pets.

• Students must be able to take written exams and comprehend school manual.

• Students must be able to accept criticism, learn from criticism and keep high standards

• Students must not be disruptive during classes.

• Student understands that they will be educated under different teachers and/or coaches

• A $600 deposit must accompany Application.

• Cancellations must be done 30 days before school starts or you will be charged a $600.00 fee. No refunds after classes have begun.

• Rough handling of pets will not be tolerated. You will be dismissed from the school.

• Nanhall reserves the right to reject an applicant for admission.

Nanhall accepts some credit cards, along with Cash and Check payments. There is a 3% transaction  charge on PayPal & Credit Cards. The Student understands that the services provided by the School consist of a course of training and education, which includes the following on daily basis:

Grooming & Bathing (of which is one or all: scissoring, clipping, hand-stripping, Deshedding), Clean Up & Sanitation of all areas of the school and after the pets.

The Student understands that while they are in the process of learning pets can stay on the table for only so long. We will take over the dog if we feel that the animal is stressing, old, unruly, tired or pick up time is drawing near.

While Nanhall will make every effort to ensure a relaxed learning environment, The Student must understand that the nature of the business can be somewhat hectic. At times, we may not answer a question directly or as fast as you may like, please ask again. The Student must understand that there will be homework assignments, reading and exercises that will be assigned; you must do these assignments to advance in class.

Dress Code:

Personal appearance should project a professional image always Rubber-soled, comfortable shoes are recommended. No open toed shoes or dangly jewelry is allowed.

Attendance Policy:

For All Classes, we require all students to arrive 15 minutes prior to schedule time.

• All students are required to be punctual.

• Excessive tardiness will affect grade and/or be cause for dismissal.

• Student leaves are permitted when necessary, if notice is provided.

• If you are going to be late, you must notify the school by phone.

• If you are going to be absent, notification must be in by phone as soon as possible.

• This school requires that you show responsibility by being present, on time and professional. (See conditions of dismissal.)

• The Pet Stylist Class is a total of 60 days. Three personal days may be missed. Any amount of time missed after 3 days may not be rescheduled and student will forfeit those hours. No refund will be given for excessive missed days.

• The Pet Hygiene Class and Improving Skills Class One personal day may be missed. Any amount of time missed after 1 day may not be rescheduled and student will forfeit those hours. No refund will be given.


The Pet Stylist Class.

You must complete 400 minimum hours and have a grade point average of 87 & up to receive a Certificate of Achievement or receive a Certificate of Attendance diploma you must have an 80- 86 grade point average or higher. You must study and follow reading assignments. You will have weekly quizzes and a final exam


• Telephones are for school use only. However, in emergencies, the calling party may leave a message.

• No personal phone calls or cell phones allowed in School.

• Children will not be allowed in the work area.

• Your work area will be cleaned daily. To include: the cleaning of your table, blades, floor, etc. In general, your work area should be left in a condition that would start you in a clean environment every morning.

• Products and equipment in the school may not be loaned or borrowed.

• You have your equipment and are responsible for it. (The school holds no responsibility for fire, theft or vandalism.)

Re-entry/Re-admission Policy

A student will be allowed to re-enter or be re-admitted to the school if they left in good standing. This means if the student was not dismissed or expelled (please refer to Dismissal Policy). Some of the reasons a student may leave school and return in good standing are as follows: illness, illness or death of an immediate family member, work related issues. This must be within 2 months of date of leaving

Conditions for Dismissal

The student understands that the School reserves the right to terminate enrollment of the Student on any of the following…

It is mandatory to be here daily unless a doctor’s note is brought in on return. The required number of hours for the course must be completed.

 • Excesses Tardiness over 3 days.

 • Two full days of being absent without contacting the school.

• Excessive absenteeism and /or habitual tardiness

• Hatefulness, poor attitude, or roughness of any kind toward the pets or other students.

• Insubordination to instructors or owner.

• If the instructor sees the efforts of the student are not up to full potential.

 • Grade level must be at or above the average of 80 % by midterm

• Malicious behavior and/or gossip.

Unauthorized pictures or negative networking on social media concerning Nanhall, employees, or clients

 • Drug use or alcohol intoxication.

 • Disregard for the school and its policies.

 • Unauthorized removal school property.

 • A medical or physical condition not disclosed on the application

It is the goal of Nanhall School of Grooming to pave the way for you to be Professional in any of our courses. We take great pride in our school and our students. We want you to be successful and confidant in what you do. It is up to you to tell us if you do not understand or it you have a problem. 

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