Fast & Neat Grooming Program

Feb. 25th - April 12, 2019


Class is held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Equipment is Extra 

About $1600.00

About The Fast & Neat Class

This basic program is designed for those students with no experience or training, thinking about pursuing a career as a basic pet groomer. This is a starter class introducing you to grooming and your grooming equipment. In this class you will have study assignments that you do at home.

Introduction to Bathing

You will receive on-site training on the aspects of proper bathing, de-matting, nail clipping, ear care, teeth care, blow drying and fluff drying. You will start to learn the anatomy of the dog, plus safety and handling tips for you and the pet.

Introduction to Clipper Work

A guideline to clipper work and understanding blade lengths. Students start to perform clipper work on the body only and will focus on learning clipping techniques. Student is only clipping half the body after instructor has done the other side. Introduction to reverse clipping techniques and handling of dogs body.

Introduction to clipping heads and legs. Student is only clipping or scissoring half the head and the legs after instructor has done the other side. Introduction to scissor exercises.

Introduction to Scissors

You will start learning how to trim the feet, legs and head. Exhibits on body styles, for example, Teddy Bear trims, Terrier Trims

PRACTICE & PRACTICE all of the above. The key is repetition you will be practicing all you know with tutors on hand all the time. Remember this is only a 6 week class, you are getting started. The more you practice the better you become!

Upon completion, the student will receive a:

Certificate of Attendance

Fast & Neat Dog Grooming Class

An Introductory Course in Pet Grooming


Attendance Policy, Dress Code, Grades, Re-entry/Re-admission Policy

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Grooming Equipment

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