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School Guidelines & Policies

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On-Line Application

On-Line Application 

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Grooming Equipment

Grooming Equipment Needed

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Pet CPR & First Aid Class

March 14th, 2020

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Fast & Neat Pet Grooming Class Equipment Needed

Andis Ultraedge Clipper w/ #10

Andis Number 4F Blade

Andis Number 5F Blade

Andis Number 7F Blade

Andis Number 15 Blade

Andis Number 10 Blade

Andis Number 30 Blade

Wahl Figura Trimmer

Wahl Bravura Replacement Blade

Barbicide Bullets Plus Sprayer


Wahl Clipper Comb Set

Scissors Stiletto

Ear Scissors

Thinning Shears

Med Brush

Bristle Brush

Les Pooch Brush

Regular Comb- Resco 280 Set

Flea Comb

Blade Case

Furminaor De-Shedder Large

Ear Powder 24gm


Ear Cleaner

18 Tooth Wide Coat King

Undercoat Rake

Resco Dog Nail Clippers

Nik Stop

Magic Touch Spray


Pet Cologne



Happy Hoodie

Mat Comb

Notes From Grooming Table

Pet Stylist Instruction Book



Small Straight / Philips head Screw Driver


Hydro Peroxide

Paper Towels to last the class

2 Spray Bottles – 16oz or larger

Band- Aids

Cotton balls

Permanent Marker

Hair Scrunches-

Allergy Masks

Eye Goggles- See pictures

Ear Plugs

Dremel 7300 Series Pet Kit or the Dremel Micro Max 8050