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Nanhall Pet Spa Boarding & Grooming


Nanhall Policies

Diet & Medication

Nanhall is committed to the health and well-being of your pet. Keeping him on the same diet will aid in his health. Please portion the food per feeding in individual resealable bags or containers.

Medication: Please label pets medication in resealable bags per medication schedule.

We will happily administer medication with no fees, up to 3 medications.

Additional Medication fee is $2.00 per medication

Required shots for Dogs & Cats

DHPP~ Bordetella~ Rabies

We Recommend the Flu Shot

Cats: FVRCP ~ Rabies

Paperwork is required and can be faxed at 336-299-7164 or e-mailed to [email protected]

Clients are required to bring proof of vaccines to Groom or Board your pet.


Owner Agrees to abide by all the polices hours of the Resort, including Holiday/Winter Hours as posted. Please respect our hours and understand this is for the safety and security for your pet. There is a 12:00 pm check out time, after 12:00 pm another day is charged. Payment due when pet is checked in.

New Hours Starting May 26, 2020

Monday, Tuesday, Thurs, Friday

8:00 - 5:00


8:00 - 12:00

Please Read Our Polices Below!

Our establishment agrees to exercise due and reasonable care and to keep the premises sanitary and properly enclosed. Your pet will be fed, watered regularly, provided proper exercise and housed in safe, clean quarters. We require all pets to be current on all shots. Dog WILL NOT be discharged to anyone, but client, unless a Discharge person is listed. The services we provide are done so without liability for loss or damage from disease, death, running away, theft or fire, and from injury or damage done by your pet to people, other animals, property, himself, allergic reaction to medication dispensed by owner or vet, or other unavoidable causes. Due diligence and care have been exercised. If your dog causes damage to another dog or the property, you as the owner will be responsible for those costs incurred.

To keep our facility clean, any Pet that is excessively dirty, or has flea or parasite infestation will be bathed and treated immediately, this includes boarding and daycare services. The owner is aware that they will be responsible for any charges incurred for this extra service.

Owner will stipulate Behavior Problems and be responsible for physical damage done by pet, to kennel (Damage fees start at $75.00), to himself, another pet, or person. As a result of his behavior, should Pet bite any Nanhall employees, owners, visitors, and/or other pets, owner is liable for all Doctor and Hospital Bills.

Owner will stipulate Medical Conditions. If pet becomes ill or if the state of the animal’s health otherwise requires professional attention, Nanhall, in its sole discretion, may engage the services of a veterinarian. Owner hereby, authorizes Nanhall and the veterinarian to give immediate care. Owner agrees to indemnify defend and hold Nanhall, its employees and agents harmless from loss, cost, expense arising from any veterinary treatment. Every effort will be made to contact the Owner/ Emergency Person.

On a severely matted grooming dog, we will shave dog. Owner understands that Nanhall cannot be responsible for clipper burn, minor nicks, irritation from neglected/matted coats, or from pets possessing mild to severe skin allergy, nor will we be held responsible for stressful effects grooming may have upon the pet. Nanhall uses ear powder to pluck the hair in pet’s ears. dogs with excessive ear hair may get an ear infection, because of the excessive hair.

I grant Nanhall Pet Spa, it’s representatives and employees the right to take photographs of my pet and to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically. We may use such photographs of my pet with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including, for example, such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content.

Nanhall has a lien on pet(s) for unpaid charges. Pets not claimed within 4 days of return date will be classified as abandon and will become property of Nanhall. Nanhall may dispose of pet(s) for any and all unpaid charges, at private, public sale or to shelter or rescue group. If sale shall not secure a price adequate to pay charges delinquent, then Owner shall be liable for bill and any attorney's fees. Nanhall Pet Spa is not responsible for leashes, lost toys, bedding, food, etc. left with the pet. All boarding bills must be prepaid. Nanhall Reserves the right to charge additional fees for services we consider over and above the norm covered by our standard rates.

Nanhall will charge a Special Handling Fee for unruly, elderly, or aggressive pets. Extra charge for Excessive Medication over 2 medications per day. 

Owner understands that Nanhall charges for broken appointments unless 24 hours’ notice is given. Owner agrees that Nanhall will keep a credit card number and driver’s license on file. Owner authorizes Nanhall to charge the credit card account for outstanding kennel fees, veterinary fees, we charge a handling fee for taking charge cards over the phone. Owner understands that Nanhall charges $25.00 for broken appointments unless 24 hours’ notice is given. Prepayment on grooms that have been no-shows. New Clients must leave a $25.00 non-refundable/ no show deposit on boarding and grooming, this is applied to your service!