Pet Stylist Grooming Program

Feb. 25th, 2019


Deposit on this Class $1000.00

Mon- Fri 9 am- 5 pm

Equipment Needed for this Class $1900.00

The Pet Stylist Course is a 3 Month comprehensive course that is designed for the person that has limited experience in handling pets and desires to improve their skills to become a professional groomer

This 12 week course provides you with the education and practical skills to step out into the field of professional pet grooming or to open and successfully run your own business.

You will learn everything from the most rudimentary aspects of bathing and brushing to how to finish the standard cuts on most AKC breeds as well as providing appealing custom cuts on pups! Plus learn how to bath & groom cats!

In this Class you will have a CPR & Pet First Aid Class. Upon completion you will be trained with a Certificate in CPR with Pet Tech First Aid and Care

You are hands on from day one.

You must complete 410 minimum hours and have a grade point average of 87 & up to receive a Certificate of Achievement or to receive a Certificate of Attendance diploma you must have an 80- 86 grade point average or higher. 

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Attendance Policy, Dress Code, Grades, Re-entry/Re-admission Policy

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