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Nanhall Pet Spa Boarding & Grooming


Nanhall Pet Spa Virtual Tours

Nanhall Pet Spa Inside Boarding Area

Separate Living Suites For Each Pet

Cozy Cots with Fleece Beds

Clean & Maintained Suites

Windowed Suites

Climate Controlled

Sunny, Bright Suites

Soothing music throughout the Day

Out to run and play throughout Day

While your pet is here on his spa retreat, allow us to give your Dog that Designer Stylist Groom or Bath

Nanhall Pet Spa Inside With Pups!

Food - Diet - Vaccinations

Nanhall Pet Spa

is committed to the health & well being of your pet. With so many different foods on the market, we ask that you supply your pets food if he is boarding. Keeping him on the same diet will aid in his health.

Please portion the food per feeding in individual resealable bags.

Vaccinations Required


DHPP~ Bordetella~ Rabies

We Recommend the Flu Shot


FVRCP ~ Rabies

Paperwork is required and can be faxed at 336-299-7164 or E-mailed to [email protected]

Running Out of Time-

We can take your Pet to the Vet

Ask About Our Service

Snack Time at Nanhall Pet Spa

Hands on- One on One Playtime

Individual Attention

Hands on- One on One Playtime

No Group Play (where your pet gets lost in the crowd)

Exclusively Play Time is.....

A Dip in the Pool

Cuddling Time

Hang Out Time

Romp & Play

Nanhall Welcomes our Elderly and Special Needs Pets

Private Playpens for Our Special Kids

Superior Attention

Vet Next Door

Pet CPR & First Aid Trained


We will happily administer medication with no fees, up to 3 medications.

Please label pets medication in resealable bags per medication schedule.

Additional Medication fee is $2.00 per medication

Nanhall Pet Spa Cat Boarding

Cats love to be spoiled, and we love to spoil them. At Nanhall Pet Spa our kitty guests enjoy premium boarding accommodations complete with space, privacy, and the comforts of home—enough to satisfy even the finickiest felines. With roomy cat condos to accommodate your cat, it’s definitely the cat’s meow. They even have viewing windows in the room, while they can run and play on the wall platforms or cat trees! Three six-foot high cat trees—purrfect for climbing or playing.

Hands on- One on One Playtime